ALSA – HKCML Joint Conference: Transplantation of Foreign Law and the Creation of Unique Legal Solutions in Asian Legal Systems

Legal systems develop, sometimes through the borrowing of foreign laws and institutions, sometimes through developing unique solutions. Even when foreign laws and institutions are borrowed and transplanted, there is invariably adaptation and transformation. Such transplantation and creation of unique legal initiatives may involve the macro norms such as those found in Civil Codes, or more particular norms and institutions, such as the regulatory requirement to assume prescribed information duties to certain class of consumers. This conference examines the theme of legal borrowings and the creation of legal solutions tailored to account for local circumstances and values preferences. The need for legal change may arise in a variety of ways. They may be prompted by technological developments which challenge the robustness of existing law and regulation, changing social expectations, or new policy imperatives revealed by the problems associated with working out existing norms.

Please indicate your interest to present your paper at the conference by submitting your personal information and an abstract of your intended paper to Ms Candice Wong at no later than 1 October 2022 (Saturday).

A summary of the conference can be found at
The abstracts and slides may be accessed here: 20230113_Transplantation_of_Foreign_Law_programme.pdf (

Date and Time

January 13, 2023


City University of Hong Kong and by Zoom